The ButaNexT (‘Next Generation Bio-butanol’) project aimed to overcome technical and economic constraints to the use of bio-butanol as a commodity chemical and advanced biofuel. Click to access the project's final publication, and a paper on its policy implications.

ButaNexT developed, validated and optimised individual stages of the process supply chain at lab-scale and then integrate and demonstrate at pilot scale. A holistic approach was used to produce cost competitive bio-butanol from three types of lignocellulosic biomass and waste in a sustainable way, being flexible to regionally specific feedstocks.

The project output (a technically and economically-validated process) provides the EU with a tremendous opportunity to build an advanced biofuel business from sustainable feedstocks. This is strategically important to contribute to the European 10% target for renewable transportation fuels for 2020.

The ButaNexT project has eight members, including G!E and its member, CENER. Greenovate! Europe is responsible for the Work Package on Dissemination and Exploitation of results, with its members C-Tech Innovation and Zabala Innovation Consulting as third parties.

For more information, contact Guillaume Corradino (Tel: +32 (0)2 400 10 10) or visit the ButaNexT Website.