Geonardo Environmental Technologies



Ömer Ceylan     

+36 1 250 6703     

7 Zahony Street Budapest


Geonardo is an innovation and technology company active in the energy, environment and sustainable development fields. Geonardo provides research, innovation and consultancy services and cutting-edge solutions in the renewable energy, resource efficiency, climate change and natural resources sectors. Across these sectors, Geonardo conducts state-of-the-art life cycle assessments (LCA), GIS/remote sensing and 3D terrestrial laser scanning (TLS) applications, develops web-based planning and decision support tools, and implements novel training, capacity building, institutional strengthening, and communication and dissemination actions.

Since its establishment in 1999, Geonardo has become a leading SME in Central and Eastern Europe with extensive experience in conceiving and implementing research and innovation projects co-financed under the EU programmes, in particular the research and innovation programmes (FP5/6/7, H2020, LIFE, CIP). In these projects, Geonardo works closely with universities, research institutions, industry as well as public administrations and civil society organisations, providing innovative solutions to tackle complex challenges.

Today, Geonardo has a broad portfolio of European and international projects implemented by a dynamic and multidisciplinary team of experts with solid know-how and experience in project development and management, policy formulation and implementation, web design and development, as well as technical expertise in environmental engineering, geothermal energy, bioenergy, energy efficiency, building energetics, geodata and satellite imagery processing.