Astrid Severin

Managing Director

Astrid Severin is a senior expert with more than twenty-five years of experience in eco-innovation, renewable energies, resource efficiency, smart cities and circular economy, as well as corporate communications.

Before co-founding Greenovate! Europe in 2007, Astrid was a Policy Officer at the European Commission responsible for various eco-innovation subjects and related policy instruments such as standardisation, lead markets and cluster development. Since 2007, Astrid and has been instrumental in growing Greenovate! Europe into a group of 500 innovation and 2,000 technical experts. She has been involved in several European projects on resource efficiency in industry, smart city development, bio-economy, smart grids and eco-innovation policy development. Moreover, Astrid has specialised in technology transfer of waste and recycling technologies, gasification as well as biogas and develops tailor-made projects in Europe and internationally.

Astrid has co-authored studies on Eco-Innovation in Cluster Organisations (European Cluster Observatory), Renewable Energy, Energy Efficiency and Entrepreneurship (INTERREG EUROPE and CENTRAL EUROPE), as well as producing publications on green innovation vouchers, resource efficiency in manufacturing and energy efficiency in buildings. She has a strong track record in corporate and institutional communications, and as a Senior Consultant at Saatchi & Saatchi Business Communication, she led the creation of visual identities for European programmes and international organisations such as NATO, drafted numerous publications and conceived videos and websites. In addition, Astrid has organised large-scale conferences, exhibitions, workshops and trainings throughout Europe, has held many presentations and speeches and is frequently invited to moderate events.

Astrid holds an MBA in business management with a major in leadership & change management from the United Business Institutes, Brussels, and a university diploma in modern languages from the University of Leipzig. A native German speaker, Astrid also speaks English, French, Dutch and Spanish.



Katharina Krell

Managing Director

Katharina is a senior expert with more than sixteen years’ experience in eco-innovation support, renewable energies, resource efficiency and business development and management.

Katharina co-founded Greenovate! Europe in 2007, and for the past 10 years has been at the forefront of designing innovation support instruments to close the gap between research and market for R&D projects in renewable energy, resource efficiency in manufacturing, and green construction. She successfully co-ordinated the design and implementation of several European voucher schemes and wrote the Guides to ‘Green innovation vouchers’ and ‘Green Service Innovation Vouchers’ as well as the ‘Guide to resource efficiency in manufacturing’. She has been instrumental in developing key elements of the Horizon 2020 SME Instrument for the European Commission, and has since been working with EASME and several National Contact Points to make the SME Instrument application easier for SMEs.

From 2004-07, Katharina was Secretary General of EUREC Agency, representing 47 renewable energy research centres focusing on the exploitation of research results. She has extensive experience of European projects at G!E and EUREC as co-ordinator or partner in in over 20 R&I projects in Horizon2020, FP7, FP6, CIP, IEE, Altener and non-EU projects. Katharina coordinated the ProRETT, ECO-PRO and GreenConServe projects, and has been responsible for overseeing project delivery, quality control, risk management and conflict resolution in order to guarantee the smooth delivery of required services in time, to high quality and on budget.

Katharina has carried out regular stakeholder consultations of academia and industry, including publication of the roadmap “R&D priorities for the European Renewable Energy Sector”. She assisted the European Commission in designing the SME Instrument, has published several reports on topics related to market uptake of environmental technologies and co-authored studies for INTERREG EUROPE and CENTRAL Europe on Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy.

Katharina holds a MBA in business management with a major in public affairs, from the United Business Institutes, Brussels and a BA in international relations, with a major in development economics from Graduate Institute of International Studies Geneva. In addition to her mother tongue German, Katharina is fluent in English, French, Spanish and Italian and good command of Russian.



Guillaume Corradino

Director of Operations

Guillaume has over ten years of experience working in European projects, with extensive expertise in project management, co-ordination, administration and financial monitoring in the sectors of energy, transport and smart cities.

Since joining Greenovate! Europe in 2013, Guillaume has led G!E input in five European Projects: WINDTRUST (Wind Energy; FP7), SINFONIA and EU-GUGLE (both Smart Cities; FP7), ECO-SEE (Energy-Efficient Buildings; FP7), and ButaNexT (Advanced Biofuels; Horizon 2020). Additionally, he has led the creation of a Smart Cities Replication Cluster of over 40 cities, to share experiences from European projects with cities across Europe, and contributed to defining Greenovate! Europe’s 2020 Strategy.

Guillaume is responsible for monitoring the implementation of all European projects as well as supporting the definition and implementation of business development activities, including drafting project proposals and developing work plans and budgets.

Guillaume is a duel citizen of France and Italy, and holds a Master’s degree in European Policies from Aix-en-Provence Institute of Political Studies. Prior to joining Greenovate! Europe, he worked for European Commission DG Enlargement and d'Appolonia S.p.A. He speaks French and English fluently, with an intermediate command of Italian.

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Simon Hunkin

Manager EU Policy & Communication

Simon has over six years of experience in political and scientific communication, with particular expertise in European policy-making, and the environment, energy and innovation sectors.

Simon joined Greenovate! Europe in 2012, and since then has led the production of a number of studies and reports for clients such as INTERREG IVC, Interreg Europe and the CENTRAL EUROPE Programme about policies that can promote renewable energy, energy efficiency and eco-innovation. In European projects, Simon has led Work Packages on Dissemination and Exploitation for the EuroPruning (Bio-economy; FP7 KBBE), SWIP (Wind Energy; FP7), ETFE-MFM (BIPV; FP7), and ADVANCEFUEL (Renewable Fuels; Horizon 2020) projects, developing communication strategies and activities to deliver project results to policy-makers, businesses, researchers and the public. Additionally, Simon co-ordinates the communication and networking efforts of the global ‘Innovation for Sustainable Development Network’ (, being created by the Horizon 2020 project ‘’, contributed to the policy oriented activities of the ProBIO project (Bio-economy; Horizon 2020), and is a Thematic Expert in Low-carbon Economy for the Interreg Europe Policy Learning Platform.

Within G!E, Simon is responsible for policy monitoring and the development of position papers, co-ordinating and collecting input from members on sustainability and innovation related topics. He is also responsible for G!E’s communications work, including the website and members’ newsletter, and monitors funding and business opportunities.

Simon comes from the United Kingdom and holds a Master’s degree in European Studies from King’s College London, specialising in environmental policy-making and lobbying. Prior to joining Greenovate! Europe, Simon worked for an electoral reform campaign and a member of the House of Commons. A native English speaker, he also has an intermediate knowledge of French and German.

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Valeria Mazzagatti

Manager Events & Communication

Valeria is a communication expert in European affairs and has been working in the field of energy, environment and building-related policies for more than six years. She has been responsible for creating and implementing communications strategies, editing written material, supervising the production of visuals and videos, as well as managing social media and contact with the press.

Valeria joined Greenovate! Europe in April 2017 and is leading the Work Package on Dissemination and Exploitation for Best Paths (Integrating renewables into Power Grids; FP7) and MEMAN (Resource efficiency in manufacturing; Horizon 2020). She is also working on the communication activities of other EU-funded projects: ButaNexT (Advanced Biofuels; Horizon 2020), SINFONIA (Smart Cities; FP7), ECO-SEE (Energy-Efficient Buildings; FP7) and ProBIO (Bioeconomy research).

Valeria is from Italy and holds a Master degree in International Relations from the LUISS University. Prior to Greenovate! Europe she worked in the Committee of the Regions and as the press and communication officer of the European Builders Confederation. She is also a freelance contributor to online media publications.

She is a native Italian speaker and is fluent in English, French and Spanish.

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James Ling

Project Manager

James is a project manager and communications professional with particular expertise in energy, bioeconomy and sustainable construction topics. 

He joined Greenovate! Europe in October 2015 and since then has led the production of multiple print and online publications, and the organisation of public events. James is now leading the work package on communication and exploitation for the EU funded research projects ISOBIO (bio-based construction materials; Horizon 2020) and Bio4Products (bio-based chemicals and products; Horizon 2020). Additionally, he is contributing to the project (inno4sd network; Horizon 2020), where he is producing case studies on sustainable development policies, and innovative sustainable technologies. James has also been a co-author of two major publications for the ECO-SEE (eco-building materials; FP7) and Windtrust (wind energy; FP7) projects.

James is originally from the UK. He holds a Master degree in European Studies from the KU Leuven, Belgium, and a Bachelor in Law. He has additional qualifications in editing and proofreading from the Publishing Training Centre, UK.

His native language is English and he also speaks Dutch. 

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Bénédicte Julliard

Project Manager

Bénédicte is a project manager, with experience in working on circular economy and Smart City related topics, and managing communications campaigns.

She joined Greenovate! Europe in February 2016 and is managing the Work Package on Dissemination and Exploitation for the BIOrescue project (Bio-economy; H2020, BBI JU), making the link with bio-based industry stakeholders to communicate project results to researchers, businesses, policy makers and citizens.

She has also participated in the creation of a Smart Cities Replication Cluster bringing together over 40 cities and is working on the communication campaign of two Smart Cities projects (EU-GUGLE and SINFONIA; FP7) to foster the replication of best practices in smart and sustainable urban development. Additionally, she contributes to the Best Paths project (Integrating renewable into Power Grids; FP7) on communication and organising events and stakeholder workshops, such as the Best Paths Workshop on HVDC links in offshore wind farms.

Bénédicte comes from France and holds a Master’s degree in European Affairs from Lille Institute of Political Studies. A native French speaker, she also speaks English and German fluently.

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