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Stuart Reigeluth
63-67 Rue d’Arlon, 1040 Brussels, Belgium
Phone: +32 2 318 39 84
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Revolve Media is a communication agency fostering cultures of sustainability and accelerating the energy transition. Revolve products include a quarterly international magazine with an editorial line about sustainability issues: mobility (autumn), water (winter), nature (spring) and energy (summer). Revolve projects include public information campaigns/photo exhibitions and high-level forums related to the respective editorial seasons of the magazine. Highlighting the human dimension of the energy transition, our flagship photo exhibition called “Visualizing Energy” is the main media event of the EU Sustainable Energy Week hosted by the European Commission in Brussels.

Revolve Media also provides communication services to larger consortia projects, such as within the EU H2020 framework, in which Revolve co-leads the knowledge transfer, dissemination and communication work packages. Revolve offers top quality graphic design, data visualization, content development, visual identity branding, social media engagement and digital content marketing, plus media relations to maximize project outreach and impact reporting. Revolve coordinates field trips and press conferences for journalists, and provides post-production cross-promotion of content developed in the respective news outlet with the ultimate goal of communicating sustainable solutions.

Revolve Media offers training for young professional journalists, researchers and policy-makers in communicating sustainability with a focus on the inter-relations between water, environment, and energy. Our geographic focus has been the Mediterranean and Middle East regions, where our media workshops have served a basis for creating a growing network of like-minded young professional engaged or interested in sustainability issues. These knowledge transfer and capacity building activities have led to the publication of award-winning and bilingual English/Arabic reports on water around the Mediterranean and to the creation of our sister non-profit organization Revolve Water