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Contribute to overcoming barriers to renewable transport fuels

The use of renewable fuels has grown rapidly since the early 2000s as markets have matured, driven in part by political targets and incentives to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. However, experts have questioned the overall sustainability of first generation biofuels, including their impact on land use patterns and food prices, and their carbon emissions across the production value chain. In response, a new generation of renewable transport fuels is emerging, but numerous barriers hinder their uptake.

The ADVANCEFUEL project will explore the commercialisation of liquid renewable fuels produced from lignocellulosic feedstock, as well as renewable hydrogen and CO2 streams, and provide market stakeholders with new knowledge, tools, standards and recommendations to help remove barriers to their uptake.

To validate results and ensure their successful uptake, ADVANCEFUEL intends to engage transport fuel stakeholders, such as industry players, researchers, policy makers and regulators in a dialogue via the ADVANCEFUEL Stakeholder Platform, offering subscribers the opportunity to share their opinions via events, personal interviews and consultations.

The first consultation, Identifying the key barriers to advanced renewable fuel market roll out will help to prioritise barriers to market roll-out, looking at feedstock supply, conversion steps and end-use in the transport sector.

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