Best Paths – Addressing the Energy Transition Challenge

As the share of electricity produced from variable renewable resources grows, so does the need to integrate these resources into the power grid in the most efficient, reliable and cost-effective manner. The increasing share of renewable generation requires, however, a large-scale transformation of the transmission infrastructure to accommodate the new intermittent and geographically diverse sources of power.

This is where the European project Best Paths comes into play. The project unites expert partners around five large-scale demonstrations across Europe to deliver replicable industrial solutions improving the interconnections, capacity and flexibility of the entire power grid. Developing and testing the performance of each of the five demo-sites provides an essential opportunity to understand the technology, manage operational and financial risk, and experience hands-on multi-partner delivery.

Watch the Best Paths video to learn about the concept behind developing these new and innovative power engineering solutions, and how they will be implemented by a multi-disciplinary team of key industry players.