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Rue d’Arlon 63
1040 Brussels, Belgium


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GreenMatters is a consultancy based at the Renewable Energy House in Brussels, Belgium. We thrive to make an active contribution to raising the share of renewables, to improving energy efficiency and to transforming the traditional linear economy (make-use-dispose) to a circular economy that keeps resources in use for as long as possible.

The company works at European level advising public clients on green policy matters and supporting companies with innovative green ideas. We have over 20 years of experience in regional policy, energy transition, climate change as well as the circular economy and can feature an outstanding set of references.

GreenMatters is offering policy and business studies at European, national and regional level. We advised INTERREG IVC, Interreg CENTRAL EUROPE and the European Commission on the SME Instrument and made many expert presentations on trends & developments in green matters. Katharina Krell is a Senior Expert for Low-Carbon Economy of Interreg Europe Policy Learning Platform.

GreenMatters is a founding member of Greenovate! Europe EEIG and has managed the organisation for 11 years (2007-2018).

Innovation competence

  • Thematic studies and Intelligence reports;
  • Event moderation, expert presentations and training;
  • Capitalisation, replication and exploitation of green research and project results.

Eco-innovation experience

  • Renewable energy and energy efficiency;
  • Circular economy and waste management;
  • Marketing and communication of green products.